We are calling on as many developers, local authorities, funders and investors as possible to get involved and help us keep our city the cultural powerhouse it is today.

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

A vital industry

London’s competitiveness as a global city is built on its vibrant creative sector. Our creative industries generate more than £52bn each year. One in six of the UK’s new jobs are in this sector, with 58,000 arts and design graduates joining them every year. London is a cultural powerhouse, but its very success is pricing artists and makers out of our city.

Our creative economy is at risk. For generations London’s cultural sector has been underpinned by access to affordable and flexible studio spaces. However, unprecedented numbers of studios are struggling to retain rates and provide affordability in an environment of rising rents, with the result that spaces are rapidly being lost.

Securing the future

We have to secure the future of London’s studios or we risk losing this crucial sector and the many benefits it gives us. Creative Land Trust will provide a lasting solution – a social enterprise that will own the buildings in which studios are housed so they can be used by artists and makers in perpetuity.

Our goal is to build a portfolio of more than 1,000 studios across London: spaces that will be available to artists and makers forever. And once we’ve made an impact in London, we’ll broaden our work to communities across the nation.

What we do

By securing a blend of funding – bringing together donors, investors and grant-givers – we will sustain the future of London’s studios via the purchase of freeholds or long leases, gifts and asset transfers. Through the use of local agreements and Community Infrastructure Levies we will set affordable rents based on transparent assessments of local conditions.

Through partnerships with owners we will return heritage and at-risk properties to beneficial use, working with London’s best providers to create affordable workspace and communities around them.

There are 11,500 studios in London today, but only 13% have secure freeholds and years of steadily increasing rents mean many spaces are becoming unaffordable.

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