Culture enhances our cities. It is the creative engine driving regeneration, enhancing new developments and acting as a catalyst to power the reuse of existing, frequently disused spaces. And the benefits are not simply economic, but help build the fabric of society – bringing vibrancy and beauty to our private and public spaces, challenging norms, testing, sometimes breaking through boundaries, making us think differently or see things from another point of view, even provoking us but always enriching our culture and our lives.

We take care and pride in our mission and the properties within our portfolio. Before we adopt a new location we look at the impact it will have, calling on sector expertise to ensure that our buildings are managed by London’s best providers of affordable workspace.

We acquire our properties on freeholds or long leases, through gifts and asset transfers, working with councils and developers to make use of local agreements and Community Infrastructure Levies. We are always looking for new supporters and there are many ways you can help us.

Partner with us

If you are a developer, landowner, have a new development, existing commercial building, or at-risk site that may make a workspace we’d be delighted to talk about working with you.

Creative Land Trust supports you as the bridge between communities and creative industries. We can become involved in many ways, from an early notice of the opportunity for outright purchase to gifts and asset transfers. We will engage with you to support the arts by investing in vibrant and resilient community projects.

Support us

Creative Land Trust champions creativity and acts as a supportive landlord that will maximise the impact of every donation as it seeks to foster and nurture cultural and structural creativity and regeneration.

We will offer long-term, dependable and ethical investments for individuals, trusts or other organisations looking to make a tangible and lasting impact. Creative Land Trust will provide opportunities to create an enduring legacy that will make neighbourhoods a more attractive place to live, work and play, enriching culture, wellbeing and bringing vitality to the heart of communities.

We already enjoy support from The Mayor of London, Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Arts Council England, and Outset Contemporary Arts Fund and will offer investors a credible and secure option to finance, donate, or otherwise contribute to society with an investment that measures environmental, societal, and financial impact.

Interested in our work?

London needs long term affordable workspace for artists. Creative Land Trust is a simple and lasting solution. Please contact us to find out more or join our newsletter