Clarity around “affordability” in practice.


Gordon Seabright, Chief Executive of the Creative Land Trust discusses key findings from the Artists’ workspace consultation report by Dr Rhian Scott, including in-depth qualitative consultations with expert stakeholders.

Clarity around “affordability” in practice.2022-08-24T12:21:36+01:00

New Artist Ambassador Adelaide Damoah


"We make our best work and the greatest contribution to our communities when we have continuity in safe, comfortable, and affordable spaces."

New Artist Ambassador Adelaide Damoah2022-07-21T15:39:14+01:00

The value of creating space for artists


What is the value of creating space for artists? In a research paper from earlier this year, ACME Artist Studios set out to explore the different ways that value could be understood.

The value of creating space for artists2022-07-11T11:54:26+01:00

New Artists’ Workspace Consultation Report


Dr Rhian Scott has published the Artists’ workspace consultation report. The report presents findings from an in-depth qualitative consultation with stakeholders on the challenges of affordable workspace provision for artists in London, and potential solutions to these.

New Artists’ Workspace Consultation Report2022-07-05T11:09:44+01:00

Inclusivity through Community Co-Design


Operations Manager, Yves Blais looks at how co-design can become a tool to create positive social impact and change, giving space and a voice to those sometimes not left feeling unrepresented and unheard.

Inclusivity through Community Co-Design2022-06-07T10:58:53+01:00

Waltham Forest – A commitment to culture.


On a trip to Waltham Forest CLT take the opportunity to better understand how local authorities and businesses are working to develop arts and culture to support the community. Visiting Waltham Forest touring Yonder Studios, Creative Works, Switchboard Studios and Blackhorse Workshop.

Waltham Forest – A commitment to culture.2022-04-05T13:38:54+01:00
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